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Our Programs

Sisu Women's Self Defence offers workplace training, conference presentations and empowerment-based personal safety and self defence programs for pre-teens, teens, women and seniors (exclusively through private group training). Our classes are all about finding your voice, claiming safe space and being unapologetically good to yourself. Of course, we have a lot of fun hitting the pads, but we also want to help you reconnect your mind and spirit with the superpowers you may not even know you have! In addition, we offer job-specific personal safety training in both gender-inclusive and women-only environments.

We work with you to select a program and customize the program to suit your needs. Program fees are based on type and length of program, number of participants and, where applicable, travel expenses. Our affordable packages ensure you get great value for your investment. For more information on our job-specific training  (gender-inclusive and women-only), visit the Job-Specific Personal Safety Training section of this website.