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Core Elements Lunch and Learn

Core Elements

A 60-Minute Interactive Presentation on Personal Safety (Lunch and Learn)

The Core Elements session is a fun, informative and interactive 1-hour presentation designed to open a discussion on some of the mental and physical aspects of potentially violent confrontation, and offer you chance to consider some simple but effective defensive strategies to help detect, avoid or escape those situations. In 60 minutes, we want to put a few tools in your self defence toolbox, including mental readiness, situational awareness, use of body language and physical defence strategies. 

Core Elements is a short, simple program aimed at promoting awareness and potentially equipping you with a few essential tools. While we emphasize non-violent solutions, we also discuss your legal rights and responsibilities around use of reasonable force. We’ll provide a brief demonstration of some techniques, including kicks and strikes, escapes from grabs and chokes and how to get someone off you if you are on the ground. If you like, you can try out a few of these straightforward, easy to remember techniques. As always, questions are welcomed and encouraged. 

The Core Elements session is a great way to open a dialog about issues surrounding personal safety. Private group or corporate sessions can be customized based on the requirements of your group, the age range of the audience and the type of workshop space (boardroom, meeting room, conference hall, recreation area, etc.). Contact us to discuss the many options available with this self defence primer.