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Job-Specific Personal Safety Training

Job-Specific Personal Safety Training, Professional Development Seminars and Conference Presentations

The Job-Specific Personal Safety programs at Sisu address the personal safety needs of women and men on-the-job. In addition, we can work with your business to develop a policies and procedures manual for employee training in risk assessment, conflict resolution, emergency threat response and self defence strategies. Any job that involves interacting with the public can present situations that pose a threat to your safety or the safety of employees, clients and/or customers. Being prepared for the "what ifs" makes good, practical sense. Our programs are tailored to theIMG 0806 day-to-day personal safety challenges of your occupation, and will equip you with tools to manage harassment, threats and potential violence. We offer classroom-style sessions, interactive discussion and hands-on training to help put some tools in your life skills toolbox. With the emphasis on both mental and physical skills, you'll explore tools like understanding the predator mindset and the psychology of potentially violent confrontation, trusting your intuition, building awareness, reading body language, communication skills and knowing your rights under the law, in addition to hands-on defensive strategies.

About Our Instructors

As our name implies, many of our programs are offered in a women-only environment. However, we also offer gender-inclusive training. At Sisu Corporate, we have a strong working relationship with a number of highly qualified experts, both male and female, who we are honored to have assist in the instruction of your program. Their experience and professional knowledge is an essential resource when delivering job-specific safety training. We will outline every detail of the program, from the instructor team to course delivery, together with you prior to beginning any group training program.

What Kinds of Training Programs Do We Provide?

Sisu offers women-only and gender inclusive training programs, on-site consultations and policy planning (anti-bullying, respectful workplaces, anti-harrassment policies, location security reviews, etc.). All of our personal safety programs pay close attention to both mental and physical aspects of self defence. Self defence programs may be held in a classroom-only setting with interactive discussion and demonstrations, while others include an opportunity to engage in scenario-based training that gives you practical, hands-on skills. With attention to your rights under the law (based on the Criminal code of Canada) and an understanding of the use of force continuum, all of our programs provide empowerment-based tools to help detect, diffuse, disengage and defend against potentially violent confrontation. Presentations and customized courses include:

  • Conference Presentation and Keynote Speaking Engagements
  • RealtorSafe Awareness, Risk Reduction and Personal Safety Program
  • Landlord and Residential Manager Personal Safety Program
  • Teacher and Educator Safety Program
  • Travel Agent and Business-Related Frequent Traveler Programs
  • Bar, Lounge and Restaurant Staff Safety Program
  • Late Night/Early Morning Self Defence Program for Retail and Service Industry
  • Hospitality /Hotel Staff Personal Safety Training
  • Working Alone Personal Safety Training for Direct Sales/In-Home Consultants

Contact Us to Book a Consultation

If you may be interested in scheduling a Job-Specific Personal Safety and Self Defence Training Program for your workplace, please contact us.