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Realtor Safety Course

RealtorSafe Workshop (Women-Only or Gender Neutral)

Awareness, Risk Reduction and Personal Safety Training for Realtors - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

openhouseEvery Realtor has a story. The longer you're in the business, the more stories you have about something that happened on the job that was uncomfortable or intimidating - maybe something that set off your "spider-sense". Being a Realtor is an occupation that poses certain inherent safety risks simply because of the nature of the job. Every day, Realtors work in close quarters with strangers, whether showing properties or simply meeting with prospective clients. At Sisu, we believe in being practical and prepared, not paranoid, so developing or enhancing your on-the-job safety strategies just makes good sense.The RealtorSafe workshop is a fun, engaging and dynamic session to help you enjoy a safer work environment and be prepared with options to manage difficult, uncomfortable or even potentially dangerous situations. This workshop covers topics from the initial contact with a prospective buyer or seller right through to open house safety. We want to connect you with the mental and physical skills to detect, avoid, diffuse and defend against threats, intimidation and potentially violent situations.

In a gender neutral or women-only environment, the RealtorSafe awareness, risk reduction and self defence workshop look at the kinds of scenarios Realtors may encounter on-the-job and examines options for managing those scenarios and developing personal safety guidelines your office can share with your team. This professional development program is designed to help you understand the key psychological and physical elements that may arise in uncomfortable, hostile, threatening or potentially violent confrontation and gives you the chance to explore some simple but effective defensive skills to help you become aware of, avoid, defuse and/or remove yourself from those situations. We encourage you to discover and test drive the many tools in your self defence toolbox, including mental readiness, situational awareness, reading body language, verbal diffusion and physical defence strategies (kicks, strikes, responses to grabs and holds and very basic ground survival strategies). The session can be held either as classroom-style learning with demonstration, or can include both interactive discussion and hands-on training. Questions and conversation are encouraged. This workshop is geared for all fitness levels and abilities.

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