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RunSafe Clinic for Runners & Walkers

The RunSafe clinic is a 1-hour personal safety and self defence clinic for runners, walkers and outdoor enthusiasts. RunSafe IGOffered in a women-only or gender inclusive environment, this clinic is all about putting some tools in your runner's toolbox that can help you manage unexpected encounters along your route. From dogs to runaway grocery carts to strangers in your path, taking your workout outdoors can present situations that require quick thinking and ideas on how to detect, avoid or disengage from potentially dangerous confrontation. It is an unfortunate fact that runners - especially women -  have experienced harassment, threats, intimidation and physical attacks while training outdoors, especially when running or walking alone. RunSafe is about being practical and prepared, not paranoid, so you can focus on getting the most from your workout.

You'll get the chance to try out some simple techniques that can create the space you need to get out and get safe. Connect with using your voice, reading body language and knowing your right to self defence under the law. We'll also discuss some common myths, like "running with headphones isn't safe", and separate reality from fiction. It is a short clinic, so we can't go in depth on any subject, but we encourage you in this hands-on session to test drive a few tools and ask your questions. Do you use a Nordic pole or hiking stick? We have a special RunSafe Nordic program dedicated to ways to use it to support your personal safety strategies. Get in touch for details.

RunSafe clinics are designed for all fitness levels, and like all of our programs RunSafe is delivered as private group workshops. Contact us to learn more.