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Specialized Self Defence Clinics

Sisu Women's Self Defence offers a variety of specialized self defence clinics that address realistic, relevant scenarios faced daily in our society. Topics that we cover in a specialty clinic include defensive strategies from the ground, self defence using a cane or Nordic pole, self defence for the visually impaired, pressure point tactics in self defence, kubotan keychain techniques and more. These programs vary in length from 1-3 hours. The newest program in our specialty clinic series is Seated Self Defence. Contact us to arrange a clinic for your group.

Seated Self Defencecarseats

From movie theatres to park benches to the closed in space of a parked car - sometimes trouble finds us when we don't feel very mobile and it's hard to employ traditional strategies to get out and get safe.  That's where this short clinic comes in. The seated self defence clinic is a 1-hour workshop that introduces some very simple options for defending yourself from a seated position. We explore ways to disengage from a bad situation and create safe space. In addition to connecting with our voice and our intuition, we'll go over some physical self defence techniques that work in small spaces with limited mobility. Simple and effective, nothing fancy. This program is for all fitness levels and can be offered as a private group workshop as well as on our regular schedule. This is typically offered for ages 16+, or with permission of the instructor. For more information, please contact us.